Where it all started..


Well I’ve selected some of my favorite pieces and written a little something about those moments because they were fun times.  A lot of this is behind the scenes so I’m welcoming you all in.


street art_001


-Stop Doubting yourself

I did this piece because I was having an art show over on west side and had the bright idea of doing a scavenger hunt for where new pieces were.  If someone found all 7 theyd win a shirt.  Nice plan right?  This was the one people couldn’t find and because if that never win lol not on purpose but this was close to the light rail and guess they didn’t check.  One of my favorite ones too.


-Art Peacock

This one was pretty big and took me damn near an hour to do.  It was a bad spot to put something so time consuming close to a 24 hour corner store lol though I had a few onlookers, one hipster reminding me what I was doing was illegal and a pair of teenagers who fell in love with the spray cans.  One of them asked if he could tag and I said go ahead but over there and there was this tagged up door.  His eyes lit up man.  Maybe ima bad influence but shit, that kids gonna remember that forever.


-Transform yourself

This is one of my all time favorites.  Will have to redo something like this soon.  These butterflies were two Lauer stencils so each had to dry a little before applying so it took time.  While I’d wait I’d apply the next stencil and so many colors.  This took about a half hour and people were coming in and out the parking lot though it was very late.  This one guy definitely gave me a dirty look.  Bet he didn’t have that look when he saw a shit ton of pretty ass butterflies in the muthafuckin morning!



This is one of my favorite stories.  Was almost done painting this and I notice this white truck had circled the block and it was because they noticed me so this time they yelled, ‘hey you, stop that shit’ and I gave them my usual, ‘but it’s art’ and he screamed citizen arrest lol but he was the guy in the back of the truck and the dudes in front didn’t give a damn so I ran for my cans and dipped.  I’d learn Ima lose cans on these interactions so I had to grab em quick.  As they drove off he said I’m calling the cops!  Then I walked around for a little, went back to finish and saw the cops sniffing around.  Damn he did call.  I had to hide behind a tree for a little then when the coast was clear, bam!  Finish that outline sign it and be out!   I just had to finish.


-Soul mate

This one lasted for a long time and I was happy it did, but originally it lasted but a morning.  I had drawn this up on paper.  And attempted to wheat paste it to this building, which was a bakery.  But when I went to flick it next day it was gone.  I was so mad.  I said I’ll make it so they can’t take it down lol they must have thought I had a crush on one of the bakers.


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