Monoploy – JC


My oh my, has this story come a long way.  Started so simply as a jersey city monopoly I made for myself and then spun outta control.  And now exists only in those who were lucky enough to see it and in whatever pics and video remain.  But it gave me a huge platform to express myself which I was awfully thankful for.  I’ve told the story so many times the links provided have each and everything I’ve had to say…from how it all started to where it ended.  So here on my own site I will say this…This project has showed me a lot of the ugly in people and so very much of the beauty in them.  I am grateful for every moment because my next steps couldn’t be taken without each and every step before it.  Thank you all for the respect and love, I’ve been getting so much of it.  Makes it all worth it.  Blessings!


First they liked me

Then the cops got pissed

Then they removed my face from my mural

But my city spoke against the censorship!

DSC_0127And I spoke too

And City Hall responded…

but not without the peoples response!

But I spoke about all of this to FiOS before city halls final blow

Also pix11!

Also my9
Chasing News my9


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